überlin on the radio #2! The Valentine’s Day Massacre

by James Glazebrook

OK, so it’s actually St. Valentine’s Eve, but we thought we’d lubricate your ears in anticipation of the schmaltziest day of the year. On Monday, Adrian of Post Flashback was kind/stupid enough to let me back into the Berlin Community Radio studio, along with my goodwyfe Zoë – to talk about love, heartbreak, bad dates and other relationship awkwardness. You’ll have to strain to hear us speak (technical difficulties!), but we’ve decided that’s a good thing. Instead, listen in for a selection of our favourite breakup/make up tracks, including The Cure, The Postal Service and Deftones.

Or if you’re on Spotify, you can listen to our playlist minus the shit-talking, plus a few surprise bonus tracks – just click here! And tune into Berlin Community Radio every Monday at 6pm (Berlin time), for nostalgic indie, shoegaze, post punk, post hardcore and other sad dad music. Check out Post Flashback on Facebook for more deets.

überlin on the radio!

by James Glazebrook


I’m going to be on the radio! Berlin Community Radio is the only radio station we actually listen to live, as it features a number of awesome shows from people we love: our mayyyyyyyyte Lucy vs the Globe, French Ana’s excellent edit of upcoming concerts LIVESICK and Post Flashback, which I’ll be guesting on next week.

Host Adrian describes Post Flashback as playing “music that we may have forgotten about to spark a rush of nostalgia”. If you want to get genre specific (you nerd), that means post punk, post-hardcore, indie, shoegaze and more… but the descriptive that’s been inspiring my playlist is “sad dad music”. Zum Bespiel:

If you want to hear the tracks that make me and Mike from White Trash indie punk rock night Demons Galore cry into our pints, tune into Berlin Community Radio on Monday 18th November at 5pm – click “Going” on this Facebook event so you don’t forget. Oh, and you can tell me what you want to hear by adding tracks to this Spotify playlist – I’M TAKING REQUESTS!

Post Flashback on Berlin Community Radio – with guests überlin and Demons Galore
Monday 18th November, 5pm – 7pm
Full details here.