Berlin Food Info: A Culinary City Map

by James Glazebrook

Berlin is awash with good food, and fast filling up with experts telling us where and what to eat. While dining out here is a joy, deciding between the ever-expanding options of eateries is anything but. So thank the stars for Peggy Schatz from the blog Multikulinarisch, who has pulled together a load of local foodies’ recommendations on one handy map. Berlin Food Info collects the culinary knowledge of bloggers like Foodie in Berlin, Slow Travel Berlin, The Wednesday Chef and, er, us, making it the only destination required for those that habe Hunger. Go to berlin-food.info or click through the image below to check it out. Guten Appetit!

Berlin Food Info

Scrummy pancakes from Sing Blackbird

Flohmarkt Find: Sing Blackbird

by James Glazebrook

We’ve been fans of vintage clothing store and café Sing Blackbird ever since Berlin Unlike sent us to review the place. Despite moving into the same area and always getting a warm welcome/German language help from the lovely owners, we haven’t yet made it along to the various film screenings and concerts they throw, and have only just made it down to their (semi) monthly flohmarkt.

Occupying the space in front of the double-fronted store, the fleamarket is small but perfectly-formed, offering a nice little selection of second-hand garments that straddle the line between cool and trying too hard. Admittedly, the tables outside struggle to compete with the carefully-edited collection within Sing Blackbird itself – not to mention the draw of tasty vegan brunch and delicious homemade cakes – but they make for a short-but-sweet Sunday amble. Check out Sing Blackbird on Facebook for updates on upcoming fleamarkets and other events.