Festival of Lights in Animated GIFs

by Zoë Noble

Berlin TV Tower

by James Glazebrook

Even when bad weather spoils the views from the Berlin TV Tower, the Fernsehturm makes up for it with its awesome interior. The retro-futuristic finishes, scarcely updated since the tower was built in 1969, make a visit there like a trip back/forward in time to the deck of the original USS Enterprise. Book “VIP tickets” online and you can skip the queues to the lift (which travels at 6 metres a second!) and to the revolving restaurant, a 207m-high leather and chrome homage to the Space Age. Beam us up!

If you want to see the 360° views from the Fernsehturm – on a nice sunny day – check out this “In a Berlin Minute” video from Good Hard Working People.

Don’t underestimate the power / Of the Berlin TV tower

by James Glazebrook

When Zoë got me this lino- and woodcut set from RSVP for Christmas, I wanted to do a print of something iconic, something quintessentially Berlin. Naturally (predictably?), I chose the Fernsehturm – I know my linocut is rough and all, but hopefully you can tell that’s what it is! Next stop, woodcut – so watch this space… But if you want to see how it’s really done, check out Käthe Kollwitz, herself a Berlin icon.