What I’m Wearing: Olive’s First Fashion Shoot

by Zoë Noble

Olive needs a little bit more practice modelling perhaps, as she has a tendency to run in the opposite direction, but she nailed her close-up!

Dress: Kenneth Cole | Shoes: Phillip Lim | Necklace: One | Leggings: COS | Sunglasses: I.a.Eyeworks

What I’m Wearing: Sheer and Shearling

by Zoë Noble

Jacket: Acne | Jumper: COS | Skirt: Zara | Shoes: L’ Autre Chose | Rings: Weekday and ASOS | Bracelet: COS

What I’m Wearing: Black and Blue

by Zoë Noble

What I'm Wearing 1

What I'm Wearing 2

What I'm Wearing 3

What I'm Wearing 4

What I'm Wearing 5

What I'm Wearing 6

Jacket: Zara | Scarf: Handmade by the lovely Liz Wood | Top: Second Female | Jeans: Acne | Shoes: L’autre Chose | Necklace: Stolen Girlfriends Club

What I’m Wearing: Vintage Cape

by Zoë Noble

It’s been over a year since I shopped on eBay, so I’m not quite sure why I decided to trawl its pages last month. I’m glad I did though, as I spotted this amazing vintage (“second hand”, my mam would say) cape buried among all the rubbish. Since winter has finally arrived in Berlin, I’m finding capes a godsend with so much space to add layer upon layer underneath – particularly important when you go for a stroll ON a frozen canal, as I did for this shoot.

Buying this was a bit of a gamble, as the seller’s photos were terrible (surprise, surprise) but the gorgeous white fur foxtail details, reminiscent of Alexander Wang, made this a risk worth taking. The seller wouldn’t post to Germany because so many customers had complained about customs hold-ups, so I had to get the cape shipped to my parents in the UK and THEN posted to me…yeah I know, I’m a fashion slave but I’m a warm one at least!

What I’m Wearing: Park Life

by Zoë Noble

Jacket: Zara | Jumper and Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Beau Coops | Bag: Alexander Wang | Scarf and Armwarmers: COS

What I’m Wearing: Teddy Girl

by Zoë Noble

What I’m Wearing: Black Fur

by Zoë Noble

So Berlin gets cold in Winter, no big deal right? Wrong. Until you’ve suffered its sub-zero temperatures and Siberian icy winds you haven’t experienced cold like it. Last year we were shamefully unprepared. With more important things to think of like where we were going to live and how we were going to earn money, purchasing some wooly winter warmers wasn’t really on our agenda… we were idiots. We rocked up with our skinny jeans and smiles and then stepped out of the airport to a blizzard of snow and ice that lasted three months. Lesson – painfully – learnt, this year we have a wardrobe that would make an Arctic explorer proud. The skinny jeans will always remain (too tight to get off!) but there will at least be a good few pairs of thermals under them this time.

Cape and Hat: Vintage | Cardigan: COS | Shirt: Just Female | Jeans: Just Female | Shoes: Churches