The Hirschkraft Slayer Dashboard

by James Glazebrook

I love Berlin, I love metal and I love nerdy data visualisations. That’s why my mind and the Hirschkraft Slayer Dashboard are locked in a virtual, anatomically-impossible threeway. Explotor, the “self-acclaimed hardest thrash-metal combo in Berlin”, have launched their new album “Shores of Hell” (awesome name!) with a dashboard from Hirschkraft Metal Consulting (awesome business!), dedicated to the dark lords of thrash, Slayer.

Follow this link to The Hirschkraft Slayer Dashboardhave a click around the dashboard IF YOU DARE, but here’s an idea of what it shows – this chart uses a textual analysis to look for terms like “blood” and “Satan” to rate just how evil (in %) each Slayer album is. Note: throughout their career, the band have been waaaaaay more evil that their rivals Metallica.

You can also stream “Shores of Hell” on the site, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It soon becomes apparent why Explotor know so much about Slayer: they are like a bad copy of the real thing. Playing “spot the stolen riff” is nowhere near as fun as noting that Slayer’s bloodiest album is their last, 2009’s World Painted Blood, which comes out just ahead of thrash classic Reign In Blood.

The only thing the site is missing is contact details – how does one apply to be a freelance metal consultant?

PS let me throw my horns to @brainpicker for bringing this to my attention.