What Do YOU Know About Germans?

by James Glazebrook

EDIT: Did you know that What I Know About Germans is now a book? Check it out here!

Wow, what a week! Our post “What I Know About Germans” went viral, bringing us more visitors in four days than we’ve ever had in the history of überlin, as well as media attention and tribute posts! The writer, Liv from A Big Life, was just as surprised by the response, especially the controversy surrounding her suggestion that “Germans are bizarrely wary of drinking tap water”! (For more on “Tapwatergate”, read her update to the original post.) But we know that we’ve only scratched the surface of our adopted countrymen’s weird and wonderful character traits, and we need your help to fill in the blanks!

Being thorough Germans (see point #11), some readers noticed that our listed ended at 78, and started making suggestions for a top 100 things to know about Germans. We want to nail points 79 – 100, and we would like you to provide the inspiration.

The suggestions we’ve had so far include:

  • “German men love their cars and dogs more than their wives”
  • “Maybe add eating cereal with orange juice instead of milk too”
  • “cheesecake and orange tans”

Think you know better? Give us your ideas in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or by tweeting using the hashtag #wikag. You have until the end of next Tuesday (19th June), when we’ll write up the rest of our list. Thanks in advance for your awesome ideas!

So…  What do YOU know about Germans?

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