Music Montag: Rampue

by Guest Blogger

Natalye Childress of Berlin Beat introduces us to some hot new music.

While you have no doubt been lamenting the disappearance of summer, let’s stop trying to catch those fleeting glimpses of sunshine and get real: colder weather is here, and it’s here to stay (well, at least for another six months). That said, there is no better way to embrace the rainy season than with a song boasting cool, stripped-down beats over the gloomy background of a cloudy sky.

Berlin’s Rampue has been making music for more than a decade, but in recent years it has undergone a transformation. Shedding his 8-bit skin and adopting a more sophisticated deep house sound, he recently released Turn Around, a four-track EP that clocks in at just under 30 minutes, showcasing his new-found direction. The artist, whose music is available on Berlin labels Audiolith and Dantze, will keep busy through the end of the year with both DJ and live sets around Germany. Coming up: a live performance at Ritter Butzke on the 27th.